Main functions of CAPAX

CAPAX is fully integrated interface where you can create even very complex projects.

  • Diagnostics
  • Advanced creation of tests, questionnaires, researches and quizzes. Both automatic and manual evaluation, gamification, psychodiagnostics.
  • Education
  • Interactive education with multimedia support, continuous testing, lector's involvement, chat. E-courses and support of the traditional in-person classes..
  • Intranet and web
  • Company intranet with data storage, internal communication, editorial system. Easy publication of public web.
  • Workshop and e-shop
  • Convenient creation and accessibility of projects to employees or clients. Market place to sell or purchase prearranged content..

Why „CAPAX” ?

In Latin capax means to be able to grasp, to be apprehensive, capable. The English word capability comes from Latin: abilities, competence, qualification. And that is what it is all about.

Since the ancient times, an owl is a symbol of intellectual abilities and that is why we have chosen it as the CAPAX symbol.


For whom is CAPAX created

CAPAX provides high value to everyone who wants to learn, discover, progress, publish etc. in online environment. We focus mainly on these segments:

Small and medium companies

CAPAX is the optimal solution for corporate education and employee development, creation of presentation, administration of documents or intranet.

Employment agencies

CAPAX tools for psychodiagnostics including standardized and competence testing are ideal environment for recruitment.

Education agencies

CAPAX provides professional platform for e-learning or traditional in-person courses including entry and exit examinations..

Schools of all levels

CAPAX interface is an ideal addition to direct education, a tool for evaluation and diagnostics of students and place for their creative work.

Parents and psychologists

For psychologists and parents the multimedia support and gamification provides a place for methodologically challenging education, diagnostics and development of children.

Personal development and entertainment

E-shop offers courses, testing and other online materials even to individuals interested in self-knowledge, personal development or entertainment.

Pricing plan

Write us and we will make you a fair offer.

The price of company licence of CAPAX depends only on the number of users. You can buy an additional package of users whenever you want, even multiple times (e.g. for max. 20 users 2x Bronze, for max. 70 users 1x Silver and 2x Bronze, etc.). There are bargain offers for larger packages and annual payments. Prices are without VAT. VAT at the legal amount will be added..

FREE tariff is completely for free

FREE tariff is meant for private usage, purchases in the e-shop, for company employees to pass projects assigned to them, for authors to create new content and to publish it on the e-shop. FREE tariff does not allow adding users, creating of projects and publishing public presentations (webs). .

CAPAX process: simple and well-arranged

CAPAX does not stand only for courses, tests, presentations, gamebooks and other content. It is a well-arranged administration system, corporate administration of clients and sophisticated edit interface for creation of own content













Demonstrations and previews

We chose several CAPAX demonstrations. You will see more after simple and non-binding free registration


Literary test sample


Video in the test sample

List of courses

Student's main page

Page editing

Test page editing in the style of presentation software


Automatic module evaluation settings. It is possible to set an automatic evaluation, or leave the evaluation to a lector.


Certificate creation by selecting predefined templates and subsequent adjustment...

Project administration

List of projects (e-learning and courses) at the title page of company administrator.


Sample of overall statistics as viewed by lector.


You can create your own content in CAPAX, but you can also buy prearranged materials on our e-shop or look through the free ones.

There are for example following projects on the e-shop:

... ale i mnohé jiné.

Přejít do e-shopu


CAPAX is one of the projects of UTILITY CONSULT, s.r.o.


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